Eat the Storms by Damien Donnelly: Poetry review

Damien B Donnelly’s Eat the Storms is published by Hedgehog Poetry, and it’s a felicitous pairing, as Donnelly frequently describes nature through vivid description with an artist’s judicious use of colour. Donnelly’s work contains plenty of alliteration (as ever), bucolic imagery, an always evocative use of language, and a rich plethora of themes, from theContinue reading “Eat the Storms by Damien Donnelly: Poetry review”

Whiskers, Feathers and Fur by Austin Donnelly: Book Review

Austin Donnelly’s Whiskers, Feathers and Fur is a series of highly entertaining anecdotes about Donnelly’s career as a vet. Set mainly in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, the stories feature the various encounters – animal and human, and sometimes even the local vegetation – that Austin has on his travels, as he acts as aContinue reading “Whiskers, Feathers and Fur by Austin Donnelly: Book Review”

A List of 10 Concepts I Currently Like in Writing

Concepts I Like: 1. Paring things backTell the story in as few words as possible. Exceptions include building atmosphere, but even then, keep it short. 2. Avoiding Description so judgement is left to the readerFor instance, use fewer subjective adjectives like “satisfactory”, “awe-inspiring”. Who finds it satisfying? Who’s being awed? Opt for (seemingly) more objectiveContinue reading “A List of 10 Concepts I Currently Like in Writing”

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